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Meet the Brown Bear

Our family business all started with Francine and Kurt Scheuermann in a small town east of Toronto, Ontario. They decided to start a retail store. This retail store was called The Brown Bear and was open from 1972 until 1998. Kurt experienced some health issues over the years so they recognized they needed to slow down and retire so his health could improve. Francine loved the customer interaction and missed the ability to make people happy with the products she sold. Kurt and Francine passed their work ethic and entrepreneurship down to their 4 children. In 2010 Francine, and one of her daughters Natalie, decided to team up and begin selling online. Because The Brown Bear started small, they have tried to cherish and keep their customer relations as personal as possible.

Francine and Natalie both try to personally be involved with orders and customer inquiries. In 2012 another one of Francine’s daughters, Vanessa, joined the team and was able to help launch a few more lines and online stores within The Brown Bear. Every time they add a store or product line, they aim to fulfill a need. They believe in the products they sell. Their goal is to provide buyers with a product that will suit their specific needs and help their customers enjoy life a little more. This is the reason we have launched a new store selling nopixgo wristbands. We believe in this product and believe it will help you rid yourself of pesky mosquitoes.
The Brown Bear

Meet nopixglobal & Kurt Stoll

The innovative technology was discovered and developed by Kurt Stoll, a Swiss electronics and radio frequency scientist. Kurt Stoll was highly motivated to alleviate the suffering of children with malaria. He sought to develop a solution that is not only effective enough to prevent mosquitoes from being stung, but also harmless to human health and the environment. Since he researched the mosquito intensively from the perspective of a physicist - and not a biologist, he managed to find a radically different approach. In various tests with mosquito experts from the University of Tübingen, he found that mosquitoes are not only sensitive to chemical stimuli, but are also mobilized by electromagnetic waves and signals.
Kurt Stoll
The newly developed nopixgo® bracelet inhibits the biting behavior of mosquitoes -without chemicals, smells and noises - effective, but harmless to the health of people, pets and the environment.


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