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The Unstung Hero

The Unstung Hero
Mosquitoes are definitely one of the few downsides of summer, with their high-pitched whine, and itchy, swollen bites that make you scratch like crazy for days, before they scab over.

They’re voracious, bloodthirsty insects who’ve plagued us for centuries. And as it turns out, they really do seem to be attracted to some people more than others! Pregnant women, for example, will experience twice as many bites as anyone else, and Type-O blood is a mosquito favourite. Beer drinkers also seem to attract more bites, so remember that next time you’re sitting around a campfire.
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But mosquitoes can be more than just irritating... some of them carry nasty viruses as well. With mosquito-borne viral diseases on the rise in Canada, it’s important to find a good repellent.

Some methods of deterrent are simply too weak to be effective. But stronger, chemical repellents such as those containing DEET can cause rashes, sensitivities, and other undesirable side effects. Why hasn’t Science come up with a way to keep these little vampires at bay?

Actually, Science has!
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Nopixglobal, a company based in Switzerland, has studied mosquitoes and the effects of electromagnetic waves on their behaviour. This led to the development of biopulse® technology and the nopixgo® mosquito protection wristband. The band uses a mild EM signal to keep mosquitos away by modifying their activity. The signal is interpreted by the mosquito’s central nervous system as a thunderstorm warning; they sense a shift in the atmosphere and their instinct changes to seeking protection, instead of biting you.
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The signal radius of the nopixgo® wristband is approximately 2 metres. Mosquitoes entering this zone become sluggish and less active. Lab tests have shown that the electromagnetic impulses successfully prevent mosquitoes from biting with impressive results.
The nopixgo® mosquito protection wristband is made of lightweight plastic in your choice of 6 colours: Grey, Blue, Green, Orange, White and Pink. It is adjustable in size — one size fits most. It can also be attached to belt loops, back packs and other gear.
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The band runs on a rechargeable long-life Lithium-Ions battery with a charge of up to 5-days (USB cable included.) When the LED display blinks white, the protection signal is active.

Please note: the nopixgo® wristband is rain-and-splash-resistant, but should not be fully immersed in water.

For more details and FAQs, visit the nopixgo Canada website:

Nopixgo® is chemical-free and 100% safe for humans and pets. Protect yourself against pesky mosquitoes and mosquito-borne viruses with this innovative, lab-tested device and become summer’s un-stung hero!
Nopixgo is chemical-free mosquito protection