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What’s All the Buzz About?

What’s All the Buzz About?
Last month we featured an innovative new product on our sister site Canadian Great Outdoors called the nopixgo® (read: “The Latest Buzz”). The response was so amazing and we find the technology so intriguing that we decided to become the official distributor in Canada!
nopixgo wristband
The nopixgo® uses Biopulse technology to ward off mosquitoes and keep bites to a minimum. Developed and designed in Switzerland, this wristband transmits mild electromagnetic signals that the insect identifies as a thunderstorm warning (cue booming sound effects..NOW). When mosquitoes enter the signal radius (approx. 2 meters) they become sluggish and less aggressive. The signal penetrates their central nervous systems and stimulates their instinct to seek shelter. For the mosquito, this instinct overpowers the instinct to feed on your blood. The risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes is decreased dramatically, which is great news for you and your family.

Here is a quick one minute video showing the nopixgo®’s effectiveness in lab testing:
The nopixgo® is a lightweight plastic wristband that is customization in size, is easily adjusted, and is available in a variety of colours:
wristband nopixgo mechanismnopixgo insect repellent braceletnopixgo canada
The nopixgo® wristband is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that when charged using the included USB cable, will function up to five days. The nopixgo® is also rain and splash resistant so you should feel comfortable wearing the wristband during normal summer activities.

Deterring mosquitoes without having to use harsh chemicals such as Deet sounds good to us. By confusing the genetic instinct of the mosquito, the nopixgo® is a safe and convenient way to send them running for the hills. Summer can’t come quick enough!
nopixgo natural chemical free mosquito repellent