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Merry and Bright... and Unbitten!

Merry and Bright... and Unbitten!
Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone looks forward to finding the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the ones they love. But if you’ve got an outdoor enthusiast in your life - or you’re an outdoor enthusiast yourself - it might be challenging to find something that caters to someone with a wide variety of recreational hobbies...


All of these people have something in common, besides enjoying their outdoor pursuits. They all share a seasonal enemy: the mosquito!
all outdoor lovers share one thing in common mosquitos diagram
A nopixgo® wristband is the ideal chemical-free mosquito deterrent for every outdoorsman or woman, no matter what their favourite recreation is. It’s a lightweight band that uses the latest in science and technology to discourage mosquitoes, and prevent them from stinging.

This revolutionary tool was created and lab-tested in Switzerland, where scientists studied the effects of EM waves on mosquitoes. They developed and patented a frequency called Biopulse® technology that modifies the mosquito’s behaviour based on how the EM waves are interpreted by its nervous system.
nopixgo mosquito repellent bracelets natural safe
The nopixgo® runs on a long-life rechargeable battery and is available in 6 attractive colours: Grey, Blue, Green, Orange, White and Pink. It is adjustable in size (one size fits most) and can also be attached to belt loops, back packs and other gear.

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On sale now, nopixgo® is the perfect size for a stocking, or can be wrapped as a unique and state-of-the-art gift all on its own.
Great Christmas gift idea natural safe way to repel mosquitos
It may not be mosquito season, but the outdoor enthusiast is always looking forward to their next adventure! The nopixgo® wristband will be ready to partner up next spring to catch that fish, pitch that tent, or even just sit around the campfire having a cold one. Use coupon code BUGOFF20 to receive 20% off your purchase until December 31, 2020.
natural safe way to get rid of mosquitos nopixgo mosquito repellent wristband
For important information on the benefits of a nopixgo® wristband vs. chemical insect repellents, click the link below: