NopixGo Canada


Merry and Bright... and Unbitten!

Merry and Bright... and Unbitten! It may not be mosquito season, but the outdoor enthusiast is always looking forward to their next adventure! The nopixgo® wristband will be ready to partner up next spring to catch that fish, pitch that tent, or even just sit around the campfire having a cold one.


How to Avoid a Toxic Summer

How to Avoid a Toxic Summer Mosquito-borne viruses are a legitimate and increasing concern, as is the toxic load of combining chemical ingredients. If you’re uncomfortable using DEET repellents or have experienced sensitivities from chemical products, the nopixgo® wristband is an amazing non-toxic, long-term solution in the prevention of mosquito bites.


The Unstung Hero

The Unstung Hero Nopixgo® is chemical-free and 100% safe for humans and pets. Protect yourself against pesky mosquitoes and mosquito-borne viruses with this innovative, lab-tested device and become summer’s un-stung hero!


What’s All the Buzz About?

What’s All the Buzz About? Last month we featured an innovative new product on our sister site Canadian Great Outdoors called the nopixgo® (read: “The Latest Buzz”). The response was so amazing and we find the technology so intriguing that we decided to become the official distributor in Canada!



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