NopixGo Canada

Nopixgo® Mosquito Bite Protection

Now available in North America!

The hi-tech module inside of the nopixgo® emits electromagnetic pules that interfere with mosquitoes' biting behavior.  The risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes is decreased dramatically within a range of 2 meters. The majority of mosquitoes show a passive behavior being exposed to the signal.

chemicals free

Nopixgo® provides you with protection without using any chemicals.

whatever the weather

Sun, wind or rain do not affect the protective effect of the signal

no sound or smell

Lets you enjoy your time outdoors undisturbed.  

Hi-Tech Mosquito Protection from Switzerland

The new nopixgo® wristband is an innovative solution to decrease the risk of getting bitten by mosquitoes - without any chemicals, odors or sounds.

The newly developed nopixgo® wristband offers an innovative solution to reduce the risk of mosquito bites - without chemicals, odors and noises. Effective and harmless at the same time - for humans, animals and the environment.

Hi-tech Production

nopixgo® is manufactured by a hi-tech manufacturing company that has an excellent reputation and experience in the field of portable medical devices.

quality control

We ensure that our products meet high quality standards and test them according to ISO standards.

laboratory tested

We continue to work on the effectiveness of nopixgo® and carry out tests on different types of mosquitoes.

Laboratory Test

Nopixgo® tested under controlled laboratory conditions using the Hemotek technique as recommended by the European Chemicals Assessment Evaluation, Humidity: 60% Temperature: 25 ° C Mosquito species: Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) Landings on a menbran are counted over equipment (Hemotek Technique ), which contains blood warmed to body temperature, which stimulates the lancing behavior of the test mosquito.

biopulse™ technology


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